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Review Maybelline 24H Color Tattoo

There is a new trend waving around beauty-world. The Maybelline Color Tattoo is a cream gel eye shadow. The have a beautiful variation of colors, I think. I picked up a few and tested them out for a couple of days. First up, what does Maybelline promise us with these eye shadows. On their website the say that they promise us long-lasting,  super-saturated color, easy to apply and a color that does not fade during the day. That is a lot to promise, don't you think? If they can put that all in one product that would be awesome so let's put it to the test. 
The colors I have are Infinite White, Immortal Charcoal, Pink Gold and Mauve Crush

From left to right: Mauve Crush, Immortal Charcoal, Infinite White and Pink Gold

First of all number 45- Infinite White. As the name says is white, very white. We can also spot a little glitter and sparkle of gold in it. This color can brighten up your whole look. I use it a lot, mainly in the corner of my eye and just under my brow. It makes your eyes look awake and finishes off the look for your eyes. I love this color with other eyeshadows but I won't use it by itself. I don't think only white on your eyelid makes me look good. Maybe for others that will work out, but for me it just looks a little weird. The color is very easy to apply. When I put it in the corner of my eye, I usually just take my finger, but you can also use a little brush if you like that better. I just like to blend a little bit of the white color in with my finger, I think it gives me a more natural look.

Maybelline Color Tattoo in Infinite White

After Infinite White we have the color Immortal Charcoal, number 55. This is a dark grey. It looks like a mix between black, white and a dark blue color when you put them together. This color also has a little shimmer in it but not too much. The color is beautiful to create a little smokey eye, but not to smokey if you know what I mean. Instead of a black eyeshadow, you can use this for your smokey and in that way it gives you a more everyday look. I like to put this in with a brush, because of the dark color. If I put it on with your fingers the the color ends up all over my hands. If you have this beautiful color on your eyelid, it doesn't smudge with me and stays for a very long time in the right spot. 

Maybelline Color Tattoo in Immortal Charcoal

I guess this is my most used one. Pink Gold, number 65, is the most beautiful pink color I have put on my eyelid in ages. I normally don't really like pink as an eyeshadow, but I thought, let's give it a try. At this moment this is defenitly my most used everyday eyeshadow. You also can see it at my packaging. I take it with me all the time. It is just so easy and everyday. I put this on my eyelid and after that I just put a little powder eye shadow in my crease. It just looks so nice. Also this pink color is very easy to combine with other colors. You can go for a brown for a more classic look, for a black for an evening out or a blue for some summer brightness. Endless possibilities!

Maybelline Color Tattoo in Pink Gold

Last is my last-bought color, Mauve Crush, number 87. I have had my eye on this for a while. The color is just spectacular. A little bit of pink from Pink Gold, a little glitter and a nice light blue color. By far one of the prettiest colors I have seen for an eyeshadow. Just like the others this one is easy to apply. I would not just wear this color, because it's a little too blue I think. What I do is, I mix apply this one and add a little of the Pink Gold in my crease. After that I use Infinite White in the inner corner of my eye and underneath my eyebrow. It gives you a nice colorful but yet sophisticated effect.

Maybelline Color Tattoo in Mauve Crush

Overall I am very pleased with the Maybelline 24H Color Tattoo. I actually want to go to the store and get more from these easy to apply and beautiful colored eyeshadows. Would I recommend them? Definitely! When you have to do your make-up quick or you just want to add a little pop of color or glitter. Maybelline 24H Color Tattoo is your best friend. I have some swatches just so you can see way it looks like on my skin.

Top to bottom: Infinite White, Immortal Charcoal, Pink Gold and Mauve Crush. 
You can see that there not matte eyeshadows at all. I find them easy to combine with other color tattoo colors and with powder eyeshadows. Also you can wear them on their own and it still looks good. I think they last for a very long time but don't believe the 24H. But c'mon who wears eyeshadow for 24H? The last throughout the day, even with some rain on your face. I hope this review helped some of you!

Have you ever tried the Maybelline Color Tattoo eyeshadows? What is your favorite?

- Amy

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